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Summer has officially started here on Maui.  The Mangos are ripe and juicy and the Lychees are simply luscious!  The days are longer, sun is down around 7:40pm and the sun rises before 5:30am.  But it has been cloudy and we've seen more rain so far (I'm not complaining).  We've been working on the north side of our church and I hope to have some photos soon on what we've accomplished.

We still need a lot of prayers for health and healing for Ruth and Rusty, and strength for Joyce.  Dennis, Jeannie an Morley are traveling, please keep them in your prayers.  The Kenolios need our prayers as they have family members dealing with health and well-being issues.  Please keep us all in your prayers as we continue to be the beacon for North Kihei.

When you call our church you will now be greeted by Aloha Eldridge our new Office Manager.  Her hours are still 9-12pm and I know you all remember as "Mom" to Nicole, Jaiden, Taylor and Kymani.      

                              Aloha          Na Keiki Hula 2012

Our Summer Camp start on July 10 with about 20-40 keiki.  This summer we have youth leaders who will take on their little groups during this fun-filled 4 days.  Our theme is "Dare to Prepare Your Heart!" from Matt. 13, and will have a "green" theme, preparing and planting.  Keep us in prayer during this week....Mahalo.