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Every Sunday we sing the Queens Prayer and I always wonder if we know the events and the purpose that surrounds the creation of this mele pule.  Written by Queen Liliuokalani during her internment in Iolani Palace, amidst the chaos and despair of losing her country and her nation, Queen Liliuokalani turned to God Almighty, leaning on His Love, understanding His Omnipotence and knowing quite well that her nation was too small, and in great danger of annihilation, she asked God to forgive her enemies and to bless and  to keep her people safe.

O kou aloha nô Aia i ka lani A `o Kou `oia `i`o He hemolelo ho`i/ Your loving mercy Is as high as Heaven And your truth So perfect

Ko`u noho mihi `ana A pa`ahao `ia `O `oe ku`u lama Kou nani ko`u ko`o/I live in sorrow Imprisoned You are my light Your glory, my support 

Mai nânâ `ino`ino Nâ hewa o kânaka Akä e huikala A ma`ema`e nô/Behold not with malevolence The sins of man But forgive And cleanse

No laila e ka Haku Ma lalo o kou `êheu Kô mâkou maluhia A mau loa aku nô/And so, o Lord Protect us beneath your wings And let peace be our portion Now and forever more


Garden is blooming and the fruits will be ready for harvest

Mission Statement

"The avowed purpose of Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and celebrate the sacrements; to realize Christian Fellowship and unity within the church, in the community of Kihei and the Church Universal; to render loving service toward mankind; and to strive to do His Will".    - KCHC Constitution 1987