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Though the United Church of Christ and the Christian Endeavor efforts, the youth at Keolahou Churh now have venues from which they can interact with other Christian Youths throughout the Islands and the Nation.

In the Fall, youths who are of 13 years and older begin their 3 year leadership program with Christian Endeavor.  The purpose is to introduce them into the ministry of service and we hope to graduate our first student by next year.

This summer we were able to send our first student to Purdue University to attend a 5-day youth camp.  Can you imagine what a huge step this was for a 13 year old to travel all the way to Illinois for her very first trip to the Mainland?  Needless to say, she returned safely and with a lot of memories.

Understanding the Word of God, and how to apply it to ones life is the goal here.  But the ultimate calling for all Christians is knowing how to share the message of God to all whom cross our path.