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Highlighting our Kahu: 1981 - 1997

Reverend Bill Pifer served both Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church and Ka’ahumanu Church in Wailuku.

The following is an excerpt from the Maui News on Friday, May 15, 1981.
The Rev. Bill Pifer has served in the ministry for some 25 years and says he wouldn't have it any other way. There's nothing like it, he says. "I enjoy it very much."  A new chapter of his enjoyable career will open on Sunday, May 24, when he is installed as the pastor of Ka’ahumanu Church in Wailuku and Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church in Kihei.

“I’m very proud to be a part of a church that encourages the Hawaiian people to express their faith (through their culture)” said Pifer. “We sing Hawaiian... we read some of the Scriptures in Hawaiian and offer prayers in Hawaiian. It gives people the chance to worship in the pattern of their tradition.”

Pifer received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Northeast Christian College in Eugene, Ore., and a Master of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Ind., in 1960. He has been an ordained minister in the Disciples of Christ for 25 years, but there are only three churches of that denomination in the state, all on Oahu.

He has been serving the two Congregational churches on an interim basis for the past six months, but only recently was recognized as ordained by the United Church of Christ, an act that allows him to officially be installed.

Today we joyfully remember the ministry that Reverend Bill Pifer (and his wife Lois) brought to our church, and we ask God¹s blessing upon their continued ministry as we humbly seek God¹s direction for our Little Church By the Ocean Spray.


Highlighting our Kahu:
Kahu John Kukahiko was also known as the 'Travelling Kahu' because he went by horseback between the many churches that he served.
The following in an excerpt from the Maui News.
 Kahu John Kukahiko was born July 5, 1889 in Makena, Maui. He was the first grandson of John Kukahiko, who helped build the Makena Church which opened in 1832. Kahu John Kukahiko was ordained in 1930 and he travelled throughout Central and West Maui serving - at the age of 80 in 1969 - as pastor of 10 Hawaiian churches.
He worked for the former Baldwin Packers, as a ³member of the fishing gang, plumber, carpenter, and supervisor in the fields² before becoming a minister. He took up Bible study with the late Moses Kahiapo of Paia Hawaiian Protestant Church while working in the fields. He spoke in both Hawaiian and English and was known for his booming voice.
Kahu John Kukahiko was one of several Ministers and Lay Leaders who have served as ³Kahu² to Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church in the past 90 years of ministry to the community of South Maui.
Today, we continue to pray for the leaders of Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church as we humbly seek God¹s direction for our ³Little Church By the Ocean Spray². We ask that His Will be magnified through our individual ministries.


George Kahi Kenolio

Born: July 4, 1900 Kihei, Maui, Territory of Hawaii.

Died: March 4, 1954 Kihei, Maui, Territory of Hawaii. 

Kenolio Nehemia (the eldest son of Nehemia - of Lahaina) married Ekekela Ester Lono and from 1867 - 1876 gave birth to three sons Kahi Kenolio, Lahiwa Kenolio Nehemia,  Kawika Nehemia and two daughters Nakiowaiakamanu Nehemia and Koana Kenolio Nehemia.

Kahi Kenolio married Ho'onani Poepoe Kamailolo and they lived in Kihei, Maui across a gravel road (know as Kenolio Road) from the original Kihei School Cafeteria. My parents told me in those days Kihei did not have a Hawaiian Congregational Church, until Kahi donated the land to build a church for the Kihei residents.

The church was christened sometime in the early 1920’s, and named Keolahou Hawaiian Congregational Church.  Kahi¹s eldest son was my father, George Kahi Kenolio who married Anna Leleiwi in 1917. Though not ordained, George.

Kahi preached at Keolahou Church on Sundays. A strict and fair preacher, you could hear the thunder of his sermons. None dared to fall asleep!

Regardless of what religion you might be, George Kahi would always help at any church function, and usually they would ask him if he could make the Ho’olaul’a (festival) for them. As I recall, the church contributed many services for the community. The Kihei School, Catholic, Mormon and Community Activities have used the Hale ‘Aina (church hall) on various occasions. George Kahi was extremely known for his invaluable contributions to the community on the Island of Maui. During the Plantation Days, he came in contact with many different ethnic groups; so he learned and spoke fluently four different languages, Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino and English.

Today we offer our thanksgiving to the Kenolio family for their faithfulness and generosity. We ask that the Lord remember them and that His blessing continue to be upon the entire Kenolio family. We humbly ask God to continue to protect and guide our ³Little Church by the Ocean Spray Keolahou Congregational Hawaiian Church in the name of Jesus Christ.